Alloway Lighting

Alloway Lighting was founded in 1924, under the name Alloway Electric. In 2002, it was split into two companies, one as the electrical contractor, Alloway Electric, and the other as the lighting distributor, Alloway Lighting. Since 2002 the two companies have grown into completely separate entities that serve different and unique purposes. 
Originally, Alloway Lighting was a small lighting supply company focused on parts, pieces and residential fixtures. In 2008, Alloway Lighting recognized the need in the marketplace for a company that specialized in lighting equipment and supplies specifically tailored to businesses and a direct-from-the-manufacturer distributor. In 2010, Alloway Lighting changed its name to Alloway Commercial Lighting to better reflect its business model as a commercial lighting distributor. With direct access to dozens of manufacturers and thousands of products.
In 2014, with the demand for lighting fixtures, a new residential lighting showroom was added to the store and the name was changed back to Alloway Lighting.  Come see our showroom, or you can log in to our residential lighting store at access to over 25 lighting manufacturers, you can view the hundreds of fixtures available. Whether you are a builder, designer, contractor, business, or retail customer, Alloway Lighting is the place to visit for all your residential lighting.
We still offer commercial lighting fixtures, replacement parts for lighting, energy efficient lighting retrofits, online ordering, and more. As a direct distributor for companies such as Westinghouse, Universal, TCP, Satco and many others, Alloway Lighting has the knowledge, expertise and relationships necessary to be the commercial client’s best choice when it comes to their lighting needs. Let our Alloway team of lighting efficiency experts help you with all your lighting needs. Whether it's a free lighting upgrade quote, or finding that hard-to-find light bulb or replacement  fixture. We love sharing our knowledge and strive to build long term relationships with each and every customer.
And while Alloway Lighting is not an electrical contractor, we do partner with best-in-class electricians and can recommend the right electrical contractor regardless of the size of the project. We understand lighting and work closely with electrical contractors to make sure the correct lighting product is installed. 
Our access to quality products, competitive pricing, lighting knowledge, service and solutions makes Alloway Lighting the right choice for all your lighting needs.