Fans: Money and Energy Conserving Air Conditioner

Putting it simply, the ceiling fan is the energy and money conserving air conditioner. By not actually lowering the temperature of the room, fans use the “wind chill effect” to lower your body temperature and keep you comfortable when the weather gets hot. How to choose the right one is the golden question.


You will want the fan to give plenty of head room so make sure it is at least 8 to 9 feet off of the ground. Finding the correct size may also be a dilemma. For a room 75 to 144 square feet a 36 to 42 inch fan is recommended. For 144 to 250 square feet a 44 to 52 inch fan is recommended. Number of blades is another aspect. Having less blades means that it will be louder, but will push more air per watt used. The more blades that the fan has means that is will displace less air per watt but will be quieter. Also, how to work the fan is something to consider. Are you interested in a pull chain? If so, make sure it is high enough so that it is not an obstacle in the center of a room. There are also the alternate options of remotes or switches on the wall. Lastly, contemplate style. Make sure that you are choosing a fan that will tie the room together, because not only is it an amenity, it is a decoration that rises above the rest of the space that it is covering. Examine all of these factors when choosing a fan and whichever room it attends will ameliorate instantly, both in comfort and style.