Kind Words from the Discovery Center of Idaho

Discovery Center of Idaho"The Discovery Center of Idaho has purchased lighting supplies from Alloway Commercial Lighting for years. I appreciate the quality customer service I receive from everyone there; they always answer my questions and they’re able to provide our facility with any and all of the lighting products we need, from basic fluorescent lamps to small specialty bulbs. 

We also completed a lighting retrofit in the Discovery Center of Idaho with the help of Alloway Commercial Lighting and Full Spectrum Services, an electrical contractor. Alloway provided all the lighting equipment used in the retro and helped manage the project while Full Spectrum Services provided all the labor, as well as took care of all the paperwork with Idaho Power in order for us to receive a rebate on the lighting upgrade. Idaho Power ended up paying 71 percent of the total project cost while our ROI was 99 percent and our payback was estimated at one year. Idaho Power also estimated that we’ll save 59 percent in energy use, which correlates to almost $3,000 per year in savings. The lighting retrofit was an environmentally responsible and cost effective project that provided our facility with quality, up-to-date lighting. We’re happy with the results and we’d recommend any business work with Alloway Commercial Lighting and Full Spectrum Services when buying lighting supplies or planning a lighting retrofit."

Bill Molina, Exibits Director - Discovery Center of Idaho