Group Relamp

Group Relamp is not a new idea. Property managers and large building owners have been using this method for years as a way to drive down the cost of their maintenance and supplies while creating consistent, up to date, quality lighting. We will perform lighting count and prepare a competitive proposal to provide all of the supplies needed to completely replace the lamps in your facility.

Light Bulb Life Cycle

A light bulb of any kind has a life cycle. Each varies based on many factors and experiences a light output degradation based on this life cycle. As is the case your light bulbs or lamps (as we call them in the 'biz'), they will begin to degrade over time resulting in less and lower quality light. This degradation affects the look of your business and should be avoided.

Why Buy One Lamp at a Time?

Technology advances will keep you up with the Joneses. Being a business owner offers many challenges. One of these is competing with the 'Big Box' stores. There are millions spent in these stores every year that keep them looking fresh and new and not a penny is spared on lighting. Everything your clients experience when they enter your store depends on lighting and your competitors know this. Even though you may not be able to afford the very best that is out there it is important that a concerted effort is made to make sure what you do spend is done so as efficiently as possible. Don't waste money buying one lamp at time as they go out, let us help you make your merchandise look as good as possible for the least expense. Don't overlook lighting, group relamp and stay ahead of the curve.
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