High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps include Mercury Vapor, Sodium, and Metal Halide type lamps. These are lamps that are very energy efficient relative to incandescent or halogen and generally have longer life. Nearly all the lamp types in this category must be matched by both type AND wattage to a specific ballast for proper operation and life. Many come in both medium and mogul bases. HID’s are commonly used in outdoor/street lighting, overhead lighting seen in warehouses and gyms and in building wall packs.

Mercury Vapor is now largely out of use. It is the least efficient of the three and has a distinctive, greenish hue to the light. Sodium lamps, both low and high pressure, are going out of favor due to the distinct orange hue, even though they are the most efficient of the three. HID Lamps

Metal Halide is the clear favorite in this category due to it’s whiter light. The number of shapes and sizes, as well as wattages and efficiencies are growing rapidly

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