Lighting Retrofits

A retrofit is a function of replacing parts in an existing fixture with new parts to make the existing fixture more energy efficient while improving the lighting. Sometimes an application will require all new lighting. Either way it is a 'retrofit' and based on their program parameters Idaho Power will pick up part of the cost.

Idaho’s Lighting Retrofitter

Working closely with Idaho Power Company we have performed over 300 retrofits on facilities ranging from Office Complexes to Airplane Hangers, Large Manufacturing Facilities and Fine Machining Shops.

All the Lighting Supplies You Need

We offer a very unique service in this area. As a lighting distributor we can provide all of the supplies needed for you to perform a retrofit with your favorite electrician and then help you prepare the paperwork to obtain your rebate. If you prefer we can prepare all of the paperwork, coordinate the project with one of our trusted, outsourced electricians and even carry the rebate if your job qualifies. This means that you are only responsible for the cost of the project that Idaho Power will not be paying for, that's right, we wait on the rebate. This is important since Idaho Power can sometimes cover up to 70% of a projects total cost. All you have to do is give us the go ahead and we can work around your schedule to complete the project, we will even come in on a weekend at no additional charge if that makes it easier for you and your team.
To find out how to get the best light retrofitting in Idaho, contact us today.